Winners & Finalists

ESSS 2023 Winners


Junior Projects

1st : From L-DAC and S-DAC to B-DAC; Saisha Harrington and Jasper Sclep (PAR)

2nd : The effect of home-made fertilisers on plant growth: a systematic evaluation; Sanna Ovaskainen (VAR)

3rd : Could fungi replace Styrofoam; Lauren and Rachel Christensen (FRA)

4th : The Trash Machine: Karolina Kucera, Philip Kotsev and Francesco Fantoni (VAR)

5th : A Hole New Patch; Cioponea Marina and Kokalj Jan (WOL)


Senior Projects

1st : Red Bull toxicity experiments; Arman Perrier and Isaia Petrucci (KAR)

2nd : Meme le papier peut voler ; Aaron Barbier-Kerp, Jean Mayssonnier and Elliot Vedrine Le Goff (LAE)

3rd : Urban Mining von Platin ; Laura Palumbo (KAR)

4th : Energiegewinnung beim taglichen wasserverbrauch ; Cojocariu Y., Putz L., Wenig K. (LAE)

5th : Relieving pain with music ; Ahonen Elmi (TAL)


Poster Junior :

Le collier magique ; Berrichi Marwa, Tiepolo Ambre, Berrichi Maher (MAM)


Poster Senior :

Bananas with a “K” ; Helena Domanska (UCC)