Winners and finalists


  • Winners:

1st place:
Authors:          Chiara Quaglia, Giulia Vittorangeli
Project title:  Eco Chauffage
School:             European School of Parma (Italy)

2nd place:
Author:            Henir Ahola
Project title:  Sisu – a device that helps with learning to walk again 
School:            European School Luxembourg I (Luxembourg)

3rd place:
Authors:          Julia Hall, Darcey Shaw
Project title:   WISER Urban Agriculture (Water Irrigation System Eco Recycling) 
School:            European School of Culham (UK)

  • Finalists:

4th place:
Authors:          Guillermo Del Molino, Guillermo Fernández, James Kennedy
Project title:  Can plants produce green electricity? A practical study of plant microbial fuel cells
School:             European School Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

5th place:
Authors:         Celeste Cecconello Della Torre, Matilde Comai
Project title: The effect of odours and light colors on bugs behaviour
School:            European School Varese (Italy)



  • Winners:

1st place:
Authors:           Katarina Juhart, Sofia Quitter, Leandra Zinke
Project title:   Antibacterial Silver-Nanoparticle Coating
School:             European School Munich (Germany)

2nd place:
Authors:          Tihana Stefanic, Nela Fucelova, Ariana Purdea
Project title:   The effects between probiotics and antibiotics on bacterial growth
School:             European School Luxembourg II (Luxembourg)

3rd place:
Author:             Nikko ten Have
Project title:  Testing the effect of challenge difficulty on work rate in maths
School:             European School of Bergen (Netherlands)

  • Finalists:

4th place:
Authors: Ines Bahlawane, Lavinia Kadar
Project title:   Disinfection, a potential risk factor due to endotoxin release?
School:             European School Luxembourg II (Luxembourg)

5th place:
Authors:          Mandu Hempen, Pablo Nilsson, Radoslav Serafimov
Project title:  Lies in disguise
School:            European School of Parma (Italy)



Authors:        Levin Meinke, Jonas Zurba, Titas Gardziulevicius
Project title: Experimental Cultivation of Pisum Sativum and Phaseolus                        Vulgaris Under Simulated Mars Habitat Conditions
School:             European School Brussels II (Belgium)