Winners & Finalists


  • WInners:

1st place:
Authors:          Samo Kobe, Ivor Langus
Project title:  3D Printing Bones
School:             European School Brussels I (Belgium)

2nd place:
Author:            Adrien Speight
Project title:  Allergens in everyday food
School:             European School Brussels I (Belgium)

3rd place:
Authors:         Henri Ahola
Project title: Postur3 
School:           European School Luxembourg I (Luxembourg)

  • Finalists:

4th place:
Authors:          Cosimo Gardela
Project title:  Welche Erkenntnisse kann man aus Messungen von UV-Strahlung gewinnen ?
School:             European School Munich (Germany)

5th place:
Authors:         Reese Moriarty, Rebecca Jowett
Project title: The effect of exercise on lung capacity and short term memory
School:            European School Culham (United Kingdom)



  • Winners:

1st place:
Authors:           Camilla Hurst
Project title:   The role of materials and surfaces in the transmission of bacteria in public places – A case of study of a school
School:             European School Luxembourg I (Luxembourg)

2nd place:
Authors:          Fabio Barbero, Lazlo Molnarfi
Project title:   An FTP-based cloud service
School:             European School Brussels I (Belgium)

3rd place:
Author:             Laila Sevim, Pooja Goswani
Project title:   Synthesizing oils paints from used cooking oil
School:             European School Mol (Belgium)

  • Finalists:

4th place:
Authors:         Catarina Duarte Nunes
Project title:  The minisat 
School:            European School Luxembourg I (Luxembourg)

5th place:
Authors:         Yasmine van Domburg, Marike Gruijters, Heather Russell
Project title:  Sugars’ Effect on Oral Bacterial Growth
School:            European School Frankfurt (Germany)



  • Junior:

Authors:        Nicole Stalios, Kimon Kassoulakos-Vassilounis, Georgia Ktori
Project title:Effect of stress on students in the European School system
School:           European School Brussels III (Belgium)

  • Senior:

Authors:        Daniele Bella, Nicolas Ford
Project title:Creating a better Medical Emergy Alert Device – Watch Over U
School:           European School Luxembourg I (Luxembourg)